Kiangu is an important representative of Congolese popular art. He lives and works at Kinshasa. His pictures deal with politics and problems of the daily life.

>"50 ans (50 Years Independence of the Congo)", acrylic colors on canvas, 90 x 120 cm, 2011. 

President Joseph Kabila (the lion) dancing with his vice-presidents, after 50 years of independence of the Congo and just before the elections in 2011.

"Qui a en grosser L'Afrique?", acrylic colors on canvas, 109 x 134 cm, 2009.

"La La Fuite ou la Foot d'un Dictateur", 89 x 87 cm, 2006. (Part of the "Prof. Armin Prinz Donation").

The Flight of dictator Mobuutu to North Africa.