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The Austrian artist Werner Horvath

Werner Horvath

Werner Horvath was born in Linz, Austria in 1949 and has been painting since his youth. Beside this interest he studied medicine in Vienna and was a well known chief radiologist in Linz, specialising in interventional radiology. Horvath decided to leave the medical profession at the age of 50 and has been working as a freelance artist ever since. He opened a studio named "Villa Arte" in Kastellos on the island of Crete (Greece)2003 and his "Atelier am Pöstlingberg" in Linz, Austria, where he works during the winter.

His artistic style was taken from Phantastic Realism in the early years to New Constructivism in the later and more modern times. The term "New Constructivism" is taken from the philosophical theory and based on the works of Vico, Uexküll, Glasersfeld and Watzlawick, to name a few. The theoretical background is explained in detail by the artist in a stage play in form of a text-collage, called Jahrtausendwende - Die Theorie des neuen bildenden Konstruktivismus (in German). Horvath had tried to portray in his paintings, the reality we rely on is not so real at all. The world that we live in is understood only as we construct it ourselves. For example, colours only exist in our consciousness, therefore are not "real". The same is for objects and relationships. Finally they take into consideration the fact that we live in a symbolic world. Not only do we view Stalin as a Russian politician but also a symbol of dictatorship and cruelty. Horvath uses current political events at the inspiration for his work and often the colours and shapes used help to portray his opinion on our society.

Werner Horvath

Marquis Who'sWho in the World, 15th Edition, 1998, p.614:

HORVATH, WERNER, radiologist, artist; b. Linz, Austria, Nov.13, 1949; s. Stefan and Maria (Pichler) H.; m. Ilse Beham, June 21, 1975; children: Patrick, Nina.

MD, U. Vienna, 1975; Radiologist, KH Barmh. Bruder, Linz, Austria 1983; spl. diploma in radiology. Turnusarzt several hosps., Linz, Austria, 1975-78; asst. radiology KH Barmh. Br., Linz, Austria 1978-82; Oberarzt KH Barmh. Br. Linz, Austria 1983-88, Primarius, 1988-97, authorized rep. radiation protection, 1988-97, authorized rep. cont. edn., 1988-97. Contbr. numerous articles to profl. jours.

Exhibns. include Galerie du Temple, Paris, 1994, Raika, Linz, Austria, 1994, 95, Galerie Zlaty Kriz, Budweis, 1995, 96, 97, Embassy of Czech Republic, Vienna, 1997, Virtual Museum of Political Art, internet, 1997.

Mem. Austrian Soc. Radiology, Austrian Soc. Ultrasound, German Soc. Phlebology (Senator Putter prize 1982), Med. Soc. Upper Austria (auditor 1994-97). Office: Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Bruder, Seilerstatte 2, A-4020 Linz Upper-Austria, Austria.

Developed own art style called "New Constructivism" after the philosophical theory based on the works of Vico, Uexkull, Glasersfeld, and Watzlawick. Horvath tries to show in his paintings that the so-called reality is not so "real" at all, for the world we live in can be understood as constructed by several psychological mechanisms; most of his images deal with political problems. His internet project "Virtual Museum of Political Art" was awarded "Political Site of the Day" in May 1997 in Pennsylvania.

Werner Horvath

The other side of the artist: The Scientist Werner Horvath (in German)

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