Anne Frank

Werner Horvath: "Anne Frank" . Oil on canvas, 70 x 50 cm.

Anne Frank became famous due to her diary, written in Dutch, in which despite her young age, she describes in a sensitive, acute and mature way, what she, her family and their friends went through in their hiding place from the Nazis. Anne Frank is the Shoah's 'most famous victim' as well as 'the most famous child of the twentieth century', and her face, with the sad shy smile is one of the icons of twentieth century. (Text by Peter Wilhelm Art Center)

Werner Horvath created a very impressive portrait of the victim of Nationalsocialism Anne Frank. The face of the girl is shaped by flowers, but the monsters are already longing for her. Symbols of Nationalsocialism all over the homeland - and freedom is out of reach across the ocean. In her diary the future of the girl is already visible.

Dr. Batya Brutin, Director of the Shoah Studies Program at Beit Berl Academic College in Israel, about this particular painting: "Werner Horvath uses the famous photograph of Anne Frank reading a book as a symbol of the tight relationship between Anne and her diary. In his painting Anne's image emerges from a colorful surrealistic landscape while the book describes black and white bold, naked and emaciated children's figures. As a result, Anne Frank becomes the symbol for all the innocent children murdered in the Holocaust."
(In "Anne Frank in the artists eyes", Peter Wilhelm Art Project, Budapest 2009, ISBN 978-963-06-8114-8).

The painting was also published in "Best of Worldwide Oil Artists", Volume I, Kennedy Publishing, Williamsburg USA, ISBN 757 564-6261.