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Paintings from Tanzania

Also in Tanzania, famous for the so called Tingatinga-paintings, political images are available. They deal with the history and the problems of politics and society in this country.

The paintings displayed on this site are part of the Horvath-Collection, situated in Austria. The collection is based on an idea, which is explained in the article "Die Sammlung Horvath für politische Kunst" by Patrick Horvath (in German).


Huruka: "Street-Scene", lacquer on canvas, 93 x 80 cm, Tanzania 1996.

Pernille Nesje writes in "Tingatinga art in Tanzania: the predicament of culture?" about this particular picture:

"City Life has been depicted, Horror Vacui has played a central role. On the bus it reads 'Remember Time' and it is packed with people running here and there, jumping on the bus and so forth. It seems as if it is telling people to slow down - not to take up the European ways of always being on your way to somewhere - remember that there are more important things. The image itself is packed with people, and therefore also gives of the feeling of 'business' - the whole painting is working together to carry forward a message to the viewer."

(postamble 1, 2004)

Mkumba: "Violent ending of an illegal market in Tanzania", lacquer on canvas, 101 x 76 cm.

Mohamedi Wasia Charinda"Slaves", "Election Campaign" and "Nyerere meets Idi Amin". Lacquer on canvas, 76 x 110 cm, Tanzania.

Vitali Maembe: ""Slavery" and "Child Soldier", acrylic on canvas, 190 x 160 cm resp. 87 x 72cm, Tanzania 2002.

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