Aleksei Alekseevich SHOVKUNENKO

Born in Kherson (Ukraine), 1884. Studied at Odessa Art College 1901-08; Imperial ACADEMY OF ARTS 1909-17. Active in Odessa, Ukraine; Kiev, Ukraine. Began ehibiting 1900s. Member of TYuRKh; KONSTANDI SOCIETY 1924-29. Exhibited with TYuRKh 1913-19. Important shows include "INDUSTRY OF SOCIALISM", Moscow, 1939; "All-Union Art Exhibition", Moscow, 1946; "All-Union Art Exhibition", Moscow, 1947; "All-Union Art Exhibition", Moscow, 1951; "All-Union Art Exhibition", Moscow, 1955. Specialised in landscapes, portraits, especially in watercolour. Taught at Odessa Polytekhnikum of Visual Arts/Art Institute/Art College 1926-35/36?; Kiev Art Institute 1936-63/64? Became a Soviet academician. Awarded Order of Lenin: the title "People's Artist of the USSR" 1944. Died in Kiev, Ukraine, 1974.
Matthew Cullerne Bown: Russian and Soviet Painters. Ilomar, London)

"Sun of Communism", watercolors, 20 x 23 cm, appr. 1920.


"Karl Marx", and "Vladimir Lenin", both oil on paper.


"Muchina's Monument in Moscow", both watercolors, 40 x 25 cm.

"The Red Place in Moscow", watercolors, 25 x 40 cm.

"Scene from Moscow", watercolors, 25 x 40 cm.