Virtual Museum of Political Art

Nationalsocialist Realism

It is not the intention uf the museum to stir up conflicts; therefore only few pictures are shown in this section. In Europe Nationalsocialist dictatorship is a historical fact, which is emotionally discussed until now. Nevertheless it is necessary, to show the impact of this ideology on art.


T. Rieger:  

"Boy from Hitler's Youth". Oil on canvas, 65,5 x 47 cm, 1941.


Herbert Schimkowitz

"Adolf Hitler". Woodcut print, 15,5 x 11 cm.


Maximilian Spilhaczek

"Adolf Hitler". Pencil on paper, appr. 90 x 65 cm.

"Hermann Göring". Pencil on paper, appr. 80 x 58 cm.

Original photograph of Maximilian Spilhaczek with a portrait of Adolf Hitler in the background.

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