Ange Kumbi in his atelier.

Ange Kumbi was born in Kinshasa the 26th of August 1954. Together with Cheri Samba, he worked for several publicity workshops, Publi Nkoy and Mbuta Masund (1981-82). He is an important representative of Congolese popular art; he lived and worked at Kinshasa (see him in his atelier above), before he left the country to settle down in Germany. His pictures deal with politics, daily life, love and AIDS, and his work is "the expression of life as it is in Kinshasa".

Exhibitions: 1987 Goethe Institute, Kinshasa; 1989 Centre Culturel Francais, Kinshasa; 1990 Galerie Charles De Gaulle, Paris; 1997 Kinshasa and Galerie Peter Herrmann, Berlin; 1999 Centre Culturel, Cinema Royal, Gembloux and Center for African Art, New York; 2001 Centre Wallonie, Bruxelles and Centre Culturel Ku Ntwala, Kinshasa and Museum für Völkerkunde, Wien; 2002 Galerie Marc Dengis, Bruxelles; 2008 "De Stadsschilders van Kinshasa", Hofke van Chantraine, Belgium; 2010 "Die Freiheit und der Kongo", Jägermayrhof, Linz, Austria.

"Quand les politiciens nous emmenent en bateau". Acrylic colors on flour-sack, 55 x 77 cm.

The politician during the election campaign is a friend of the people; but when elected to president, nobody can talk to him.

"Bar Scene", acrylic colors on flour-sack, 69 x 90 cm, 2002.