Aundu Kiala

Aundu Kiala is an important representative of Congolese popular art. He lives and works at Kinshasa. His pictures deal with politics and problems of the daily life.

Exhibitions: 2008 "De Stadsschilders van Kinshasa", Hofke van Chantraine, Belgium; 2010 "Die Freiheit und der Kongo", Jägermayrhof, Linz, Austria. 

"Elections in the Congo - Dream or Reality". Acrylic colors on canvas, 52 x 63 cm, 2004.

"The Role of the UN in Africa". Acrylic colors on canvas, 106 x 113 cm, 2003.

"La Politique n'est pas un Jeu!", acrylic colors on canvas, 89 x 114 cm, 2005. (Part of the "Prof. Armin Prinz Donation").

"Le Scandal Social", acrylic colors on canvas, 93 x 114, 2005. (Part of the "Prof. Armin Prinz Donation").

"Transport-problems", acrylic colors on canvas, 67 x 109 cm, 1999.