Elections 2006 in the Congo:

Reflections of African artists

Cheri-Cherin: "DEMON-CRATIE", oil on canvas, 80 x 135 cm, 2004

The state is stuck in the mud of corruption and economic desaster. The president and his four vice-presidents - all of them former warlords - sit inside. Elections might be a solution, but obviously the devil is steeling votes from the ballot.

Aundu Kiala: "Elections in the Congo - Dream or Reality". Acrylic colors on canvas, 52 x 63 cm, 2004.

People are standing up against the separation of power between five different persons, which they believe to be protected by a demon or devil. Will the elections in Congo bring peace, development and politcal stability, or will it remain a dream?

Sam Ilus: "Un bon choix pour un bon avenir". Acrylic colors on canvas, 90 x 127 cm, 2006.

The people in Congo find it hard deciding between the alternatives offered at the election. Will they choose superstition (represented by the raven), education (represented by the book) or diamonds and gold, which are common resources in the Congo.

Tambwe: "Le Mystere des elections en RDC". Acrylic colors on canvas, 80 x 84 cm, 2006.

 For most people the elections remain to be a mystery. Some even suspect devils' or demons' influence.

Moke-Fils: "Les cauchemards de la transition". Acrylic colors on canvas, 100 x 120 cm, 2006.

Many don't believe in in fair elections but suspect a manipulation of the votes by Joseph Kabila's party (represented by the devil).

Ekunde: "Votez Meya president", acrylic colors on flour-sack, 87 x 103 cm, 2006.

Democratic standards are not high in Congo. Violence between different parties is common.

Tresor-Cherin: "Le Jeux du pouvoir (The Game of Power)". Acrylic colors on canvas, 97 x 120 cm, 2006.

Many have lost their trust in the system. They see the president as a corrupt person, who has enough money and enough to eat. People are kept behind the wall of blindness and are held down by the military. At the same time there is poverty, insufficient health-care and prostitution in the streets. Is education a solution?

SAPINart: "Quoi! Pour le Congo?". Acrylic colors on canvas, 98 x 117 cm, 2006.

A description of the situation in more symbols: Papa Maboso works for the state and has not received any payments for 800 months. He is thinking about selling his land, because he needs the money. Others in Africa hope for a better future in Europe. But Alex, the son of family Maboso, who is working in Paris, also has hard times there. Can the elections bring a better future for the country?  

Alfi Alfa: "La Mutation". 93 x 128 cm, 2007.

Many people hope, that violence will be overcome and a better life will be in sight. Will this hope be in vain?

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