Death and the Maiden

Werner Horvath: "Death and the Maiden". Triptych, oil on wood, 100 x 150 cm.

This is a work in progress: The painting portraying Diana, Princess of Wales, in the arms of death and Marilyn Monroe on the side-wings is now finished. The wooden frame, also an important part of the art-work, is still under construction.

The image above is inspired by hundreds of paintings, drawings and sketches on the same subject: Death and the Maiden. It is a very old subject in arts - and it is renewed almost daily by press. Indeed there is also an influence by Saatchi artist Laurie Lipton, and I say thanks to this great artist for this input. But it is not a copy, it is a step forward. It is done in a very own style, and it is meant ironically: Neither Princess Diana wasn't a maiden with her two children when death came to take her  - nor Marilyn was...

This triptych is part of the altar-series of Werner Horvath - see the English translation of the video below: