Roses for Nina
Werner Horvath: "Roses for Nina". Puzzle composed by art-beermats for Linz, European Capital of Culture 2009.

These series, consisting of 9 beermats, are available at the restaurant "Josef", Landstraße Linz during 2009.


The series "Nike", consisting of 6 beermats, is an exclusive product für Arcotel Nike and will be used in the hotel, restaurant, cafe and beer-garden.

The presentation was held in the "KE cafe and bar" of the Arcotel Nike, Untere Donaulände 9, 4020 Linz, at February 5th, 6pm.

Press - report in TIPS Febr. 4th, 2009

Report about the Nike beermats in GOODTIMES 01/09

Below some photos of different presentations of the art - beermats, eg. in the Arcotel of Linz:

The most exciting multicultural presentation was held in the so called "Art Palace", an official project for Linz09. The installation is documented by fotos in the the book "DIE BILDER - LINZ 2009 KULTURHAUPTSTADT EUROPAS", November 2009, ISBN 978-3-200-01678-1, published by "Linz 2009 Kulturhauptstadt Europas - Organisations Gmbh", Linz; page 67.


The beermats have also found their way to the island of Crete (Greece), for example to a tavern in Kastellos Apokoronas:


And finally some impressions of the presentation in Vienna in the gallery of the University hospital:


Model Nina Horvath and the so called "Beer Pope" in the Casino of Linz, Austria:

Interest has not come to an end yet. New article in: "Genuss pur" 2/2016. An art exhibition was held in the "Atelier am Pöstlingberg" in April 2016, where not only the beemats, but also the paintings used for it were displayed.