Roses for Nina
Werner Horvath: "Roses for Nina". Puzzle composed by art-beermats for Linz, European Capital of Culture 2009.

These series, consisting of 9 beermats, are available at the restaurant "Josef", Landstraße Linz during 2009.


The series "Nike", consisting of 6 beermats, is an exclusive product für Arcotel Nike and will be used in the hotel, restaurant, cafe and beer-garden.

The presentation was held in the "KE cafe and bar" of the Arcotel Nike, Untere Donaulände 9, 4020 Linz, at February 5th, 6pm.

Press - report in TIPS Febr. 4th, 2009

Report about the Nike beermats in GOODTIMES 01/09

Below some photos of different presentations of the art - beermats, eg. in the Arcotel of Linz:

The most exciting multicultural presentation was held in the so called "Art Palace", an official project for Linz09. The installation is documented by fotos in the the book "DIE BILDER - LINZ 2009 KULTURHAUPTSTADT EUROPAS", November 2009, ISBN 978-3-200-01678-1, published by "Linz 2009 Kulturhauptstadt Europas - Organisations Gmbh", Linz; page 67.


The beermats have also found their way to the island of Crete (Greece), for example to a tavern in Kastellos Apokoronas:


And finally some impressions of the presentation in Vienna in the gallery of the University hospital:


Model Nina Horvath and the so called "Beer Pope" in the Casino of Linz, Austria:

Interest has not come to an end yet. New article in: "Genuss pur" 2/2016. An art exhibition was held in the "Atelier am Pöstlingberg" in April 2016, where not only the beemats, but also the paintings used for it were displayed.

The story is not over now: In 2017 the picture was published as cover of the magazine  "Arzt und Praxis", 9/17, 71.Jg., Vienna, Austria.