Theodor Billroth Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen

Werner Horvath:

Left: "The Surgeon Theodor Billroth".

Right: "Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen and the Curies".

Each of them oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm, 1994.

Horvath's Billroth-portrait is the cover image of the journal  "StrahlenschutzPRAXIS" 3/2009 (ISSN 0947-434 X). The picture is also published in Karel B. Absolon: "The Belle Epoque of Surgery - The Life and Times of Theodor Billroth" (cover-illustration), Kabel Publishers, USA 1995, ISBN.930329-64-3. The Roentgen-picture is published in an article titled "Die Symbiose zweier Künste - Medizin in der Kunst" by Robert Uhde in ZM-Magazine 16/2007, p.30.