Werner Horvath: The Kastellos-Altar - "Heaven, Hell and Morrison". Oil on wood, 100 x 200 cm (opened). 

The opened altar with its inside-triptych see above, the outside-wings of the altar see below. The painting got its name "Altar" by the inhabitants of the small village of Kastellos on the island of Crete. The title "Heaven, Hell and Morrison" was created later by Richard Schmitt, writer for the Austrian newspaper "Heute", in an article about the project "Give Peace a Chance.".

The painting has been published in newspapers and magazines several times, eg. in the "Wiener Bezirksblatt" 3/06 ("Dem Zeitgeist auf der Spur"), and in "Heute" 121/07 and 123/07 ("Himmel, Hölle und Morrison"). You can find it also in "Musikexpress" 636 (January 2009, ISSN 1618-5129) , a publication of Axel Springer Mediahouse Munich.  

The Kastellos-Altar was created in the Villa Arte in a village named Kastellos on the island of Crete (Greece). 

See the English translation of the altar-series video below: